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We offer bulk repair services to corporate clients from basic parts replacement to complex mainboard repair. Our repair services include:

BIOS Repair / Password Removal

We can successfully re-program and re-flash BIOS chips to fix Motherboard faults or remove BIOS passwords

EFI (Apple) BIOS Repair / Password Removal

We can also perform these repairs on the difficult to repair Apple devices.

Component Level Circuit Board Repair

We can replace any component on a circuit board including micro soldering with a microscope.

Part Replacement

From screens and digitizers to keyboards and hard drives we can replace any part of a computing device

Part Repair

We can repair parts that many repair centres would have to replace resulting in higher cost of repair. We have our own in house developed techniques for repairing device housing components including re-moulding, repairing and recreating plastics using plastic polymers.

Liquid Damage

We can repair even heavily liquid damaged devices. Our large ultrasonic cleaner, in house developed cleaning process and skills in board level fault finding and component replacement means we have a high success rate in reviving liquid damaged devices without needing to replace circuit boards.

Circuit Board Fault Finding and Repair Using Schematic Diagram

For difficult to diagnose circuit board faults we are able to fault find and ascertain component faults using board schematics.

BGA Soldering

We have the expertise and equipment to remove, replace and re-ball BGA (Ball Grid Array) components on circuit boards.


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